Cleaning of common area from October 16th until November 8th

Dear students,

from October 16th, until November 8th, 2019 a cleaning of common area will be done. The cleaning does not substitute your obligation to clean (according to Halls of residence reulations, Article 8). A cleaning lady will check the state of all equipment in your unit. Entrance into balcony and check of inventory (undamaged and unmoved furnishing, duvet with cover, mattress cover, abide by the hygiene and safety rules according to Halls of residence regulations) is part of the cleaning. We will take a phofo of a dirty, fouled and non-maintained room. In this case, we impose a charge for the cleaning according to DAF price list. The cleaning of common area will be always in working days from 9.00 – 15.00 according to schedule at the website.

Before the cleaning lady comes, please prepare space for cleaning lady:

  • dishes in cupboard
  • shoes in shoe rack
  • shelves in bathroom
  • take out the rubbish

Thank you for your cooperation and for letting DAF employees visit your housing premisis. You were notify in advance so we believe that you had enough time to organise your personal schedule and prepare yourself for date and time of the cleaning event. It is not necessary to be present during cleaning of your unit.